New York Counseling CEs

Counseling is one of the most varied fields in the mental health profession, in the sense that there are a lot of areas that practitioners can choose to specialize in (marriage, rehabilitation, school, spiritual, pediatric and so on), as well as a range of institutes and age groups they can choose to work with (school, university, professional workplaces, hospitals and specialized institutes for mental health). Thus, therapists and counselors work under a variety of environments/settings, all the while helping better the quality of life for those who seek help. Counseling strikes the perfect balance between professional skillsets and the willingness and passion to help others. 


Apart from the educational requirements that counseling as a profession requires, counselors are also required to undertake continuing education courses every 3 years to renew their professional license. New York counseling CEs or continuing education comes in the form of 36 hours of study, with a maximum of 12 allowed for self-study. 


Since 2018, Core Wellness has been offering quality continuing education courses that meet all the required mandates set by the Board of Mental Health Practitioners (under the New York State Education Department) as well as the American Counseling Association of New York. Our free New York Counseling CE courses are in line with the continuing education criteria, split proportionately between academic coursework (in the form of webinars, lectures and live sessions) and self-study. Professionals can fulfill their New York Counseling CE requirements without compromising on their professional practice, regardless of which state they’re practicing in, thanks to the freedom our courses allow in the form of allowing students to balance their professional practice and hours of study as they desire.

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