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Play Therapy Themes

Therapists face one of the biggest challenges in family therapy when dealing with children. For this reason, play therapy remains an effective practice to help children deal with past trauma Playing is a natural opportunity where children can share important information. Play therapists include child-centered play games during family therapy to give a child an …

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Play Therapy Techniques

25 Play Therapy Techniques

Since the 1930s, play therapy has been used to help clients deal with mental, physical, and emotional disorders. In-play therapy, play therapists use well-structured games and activities to help their clients get more comfortable and open up. Playing is natural, and during play therapy, the clients, especially children, let down their guard and open up …

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Play Therapy Quotes

Play Therapy Quotes

A lot of professionals have been emphasizing the benefits of play therapy for so many years. It has been found that childhood play is a crucial and vital component of positive childhood growth and development. Many therapists use quotes about playing to stress the significance of it. These quotes are also used to inspire other …

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Play Therapy?

What is play therapy?

What is play therapy? Play therapy is a method of therapy that uses play to help an individual deal with their behavioral and mental health issues. Learn how play is not all about fun but a great way to understand children’s world with the help of a play therapist. Play therapy is a form of …

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